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As well as a series of videos there are three books available, including the recently published 'Essential Basics of Karate In Depth'.

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  • pin an book cover

'Pin'an Katas in Depth'

A study of the most popular karate katas in the world

ISBN No. 1-873764-02-2 - can be ordered direct or from book shops

  • Fundamentals cover

'Fundamentals of Karate-do Essential elements for development through karate training at all levels'

A study of the principle Elements of good karate-do

ISBN No. 1-873764-00-6 - can be ordered direct or from book shops

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'Shito-ryu Karate-do Volume 1 Basics' :

an A4 size easy-to-follow guide to the basics of Shito-ryu karate-do      Out of stock


'Basics of Karate In Depth'

The building blocks to successful karate training

More than 700 photographs illustrating a comprehensive range of karate weapons, techniques and other basic knowledge, with comments and explanations.

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